Hi, I'm Lori Ann Thwing! In my baby book my mother wrote, "Lori loves all animals, both stuffed and real," and I am happy to say it still applies to me today.  I started photographing horses when I was volunteering as a Friesian foal handler and realized the foals grew up so fast that I wanted to capture those fleeting moments. I loved everything about the foals and their moms and it wasn't long before other people saw that through my photos.

I have been photographing horses for the last 10 years.  My photos have been showcased in The Friesian Magazine, Simply Pets, The Morgan Horse Magazine, as well as part of the cover artwork for the movie Albion the Enchanted Stallion. More of my work is featured on Fine Art America and Zazzle. In 2021, a 10 year long dream of mine came true when I had a photo I took become the cover photo for the Friesian Magazine. I have also been the photographer for the Michigan Keuring and was asked to be the photographer for the Kansas and Michigan keurings in 2020. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, they were cancelled, but look forward to future keurings. 

I have had the honor to write two articles for the Friesian Magazine about how to photograph a Friesian for sale ads. My photos can be found featured on the FHANA website and I have also had photos in the FHANA calendar for the last four years. I have had the honor of photographing 19 approved stallions at keurings and presentations as well as have the pleasure to do individual shoots with seven of the approved stallions. I have also been photographing the candidates for the 70 day testing. 

"I absolutely love this breed and am so lucky to get to take pictures of them to show the world what I see." – Lori Ann Thwing

 I am a self taught photographer. I am so excited to continue my learning by taking classes in photo editing in order to offer clients more fine art options. This new piece of my business is something I am very much looking forward to being able to offer to clients! I strive to create art that captures moments of unique beauty. Instead of chasing horses with ATVs, multiple people with whips or scaring them, I prefer a more gentle way of encouraging the horse to move naturally and gracefully. I like to take my time with them and capture the real moments of unexpected beauty that are reflected in the final product.

I am based in Southwestern Michigan and will travel anywhere in the US. If you are interested in booking me to photograph your horse, please email LoriAnn@Thwing.us for more information.

Moments by Lori Ann: Insightful and intimate photos by Lori Ann Thwing. Written in my baby book: Lori loves all animals- both stuffed and real. I am now an adult and this is still true. I have raised lions and tigers, trained large birds, and 50 Friesian foals. I am a homeschooling mom to two wonderful children and have the love and support of my amazing husband and friends.

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