Q. Do you only photograph Friesian horses? 

A. While Friesians are my  favorite breed and the most challenging one to photograph, I do photograph any breed of horse. I have been studying the Friesian horse for years learning their conformation and  movement. Whatever  horse I book a shoot with, I study their  breed standard as well so as to bring out the best in your horse. 

Q. What do I get from my photoshoot?
A.  I have been photographing horses for 9 years, and doing so professionally for the last 7.  You get years of training and experience in taking and editing photos. You're not just paying for the time it took to take the photos,  but my travel time to and from the location, time sorting through the photos at home and select the photos that show your horse to their best. I then edit them in the way that the photo calls for me to do.  An artist is expected to master difficult skills and to have a unique vision and style. This takes an immense amount of time and effort to develop. For that, you will receive 10-15 websize images with professional post processing are included and delivered digitally to an online server. High resolution images (for print use) are available for an additional fee.

Q. How can I prepare for my photoshoot?
A. I will arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time to discuss locations, costumes, details and meet you and your horse.  Please have your horse bathed and  groomed including fly spray and ready to have their photo taken. 

Q. How long can I expect my shoot to last? 
A. Shoots generally last about 2 hours. I find that past 2 hours, horses and people start getting tired and don't do our best work. 

Q. How many horses can I have in the shoot?
A. Typically only two horses maximum. I will sit behind computers for hours to make sure your images are perfect.  Additional horses CAN be added to a normal shoot for $200.00 per horse. Exceptions include horses being photographed as a herd, one of my favorite things to photograph. Please don't hesitate to email me with any special requests.  LoriAnn@Thwing.us

Q. How do I pay for my photoshoot? 
A. I accept Paypal, checks and money orders. A $200. (non-refundable) secures your date and is due at the time of booking. The balance of your session fee is due 1 week prior to your portrait session.

Q. The weather looks bad for my shoot, can I reschedule? 
A.  If weather just doesn't work out,  we will discuss a date for another shoot.  If one of us happens to get sick, we will discuss a date for another shoot.

Q. I don't live in West Michigan, will you travel?
A. Yes, now that my kids are getting older and more independent, I can travel!

Q. Do you have an assistant? 
A. I do my best to have one of my two assistants  (my best friend Heidi Sytsma or my daughter, Mali) on hand for every shoot, working with them helps to insure I get the best photos of your horses.   I do recommend that you have a friend or someone you know that knows how to handle a horse properly to lend a hand the day of the shoot. The person who will be helping us will need to by 18 or over and  sign a "helper liability" form. This just protects us both if your helper falls, gets trampled, or any other things that can happen when helping/handling horse. 

Q. How long does it take for our photos to be ready?
A. Typically, I do my best to have them ready for you within 2 weeks. As excited as you are to get your  photos, please be patient and I will be in contact with you.

Q. What can I use my photos for? 
A. -Advertising, promotion, brochures, packaging 
- as part of a commercial website for promotional purposes 
- magazines, books, newspapers, other printed publications (high resolution images for print ads will be provided upon request)
 - video, broadcast, theatrical
 - social media promotions All materials (brochures, ads, website pages, etc.) must be labeled with a small, readable photo credit, ex. Photos by Lori Ann Thwing 

Q. Do I have any limits as to what I can't do with my photos?
 A. -Buyer may NOT resell, relicense, redistribute without express written permission from Photographer. 
-Buyer may not use as a derivative work, and reselling or redistributing such derivative work is prohibited. 
-Images may not be used in a pornographic, obscene, illegal, immoral, libelous or defamatory manner.
 -Images may not be incorporated into trademarks, logos, or service marks, changed, altered or misrepresented in any way without written permission from the Photographer -Images may NOT be made available for download. 
-WATERMARKED images to upload to the internet including social media.

Q. Who owns the photos? 
A. The  photographer retains all rights, license, copyright, title and ownership of the image(s). There is no warranty, express or implied, with the purchase of this digital image file. The photographer will not be liable for any claims, or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this license or buyer's use of the image(s).

Q. I have an older/sick horse and would love to get some shots before painful decisions have to be made, do you have any specials for those kinds of photos?
A. My heart goes out to the older horses and encourage everyone to have professional photos taken of their horse when they are happy and healthy. I offer a 50% senior discount for old or sick horses. Travel expenses still apply, email me with any  questions.